So what is a SnowDragon?

In the pristine waters surrounding Kangaroo Island, lives the Leafy Sea Dragon. It’s rarely seen, little understood, and beautiful. A peaceful creature, it relies on its camouflage to foil predators. The ‘foliage’ on each dragon is unique, like a fingerprint.

Or a snowflake.

Super cool, individual and enigmatic, the mythical SnowDragon bridges the gap between the Bigwoods’ two great loves; the unique environments of Kangaroo Island and the snowfields of the New South Wales high country.

Fresh tracks, blue ocean, sharing a great bottle of red


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Elusive. Exclusive. Snow Dragon rises from the ocean, rests at the peak.

Follow the Dragon

Lustful. Elegant. Snow Dragon inhabits our moments of balance, moments we seek to relive.

Discover the Dragon

Celebratory. Sophisticated. Snow Dragon invites attention, rewards contemplation, resists definition.

Embrace the Dragon.