Ride the Dragon – Our unfolding adventure

Welcome Dragon lovers to the SnowDragon story.

At SnowDragon Wines we are doing so many things in and out of the vineyard that we want to share our journey with you, our customers.

Our interest in wine began very simply.  We love to drink. In particular we love to drink an enjoyable, intriguing or enchanting glass of wine or spirit as a part of our “live life to the full” lifestyle.  We think wine drinking is a sensory adventure, starting with the challenge and excitement of the choice in the cellar and compliments many occasions, such as

– the quiet contemplation of a glass while listening to music, creatively writing, reading blogs or doing BAS!

– or sharing with friends over a delicious meal, bubbling spa, game of cards (I always win!) or lounging in front of a warm crackling fire.

Wine enhances life.

I should just take a moment to say, of course, we do hold off until later in the day and have wine free days and a very healthy diet with lots of water and exercise, as you should, to truly enjoy life’s guilty pleasures – like wine, chocolate, cocktails, TV, salt and vinegar chips etc. It is about balance, surely?. 

So, with this passion and an opportunity to take on an amazing vineyard, with a Kangaroo Island address thrown in as a bonus, here we are.  Even though the previous owners included my Mum and Dad (wine and blood are thicker than water!) we are on many steep curves. The art and science of wine production is not a small business for the light hearted and it has turned out that fine wine is even sweeter when drunk after the years of blood, sweat and tears that go into growing, making and maturing it!

So, we figure, as you go on this journey with us – you too may appreciate your wine drinking obsession even more and perhaps think about things you have never before associated with fine red wines ……..Snow and Leafy SeaDragons.?!


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