It’s Nature’s Paradise. What more do you need to know?

Abandoned by indigenous Australians and left to their own devices, the unique animals and plants of Kangaroo Island and its oceans thrived.  Only the toughest of rogue traders and explorers knew of the island’s treasures before formal settlement in 1836.

Indulge me…

Fearless kangaroos, numberless wallabies, possums that don’t bother to climb trees, goannas in termite mounds, snakes resisting hibernation, oaten-coloured echidnas, and seal populations recovering from years of hunting.

Crimson Rosellas dropping red feathers in the heath where Emu Wrens flit, great Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring next to their Sea Eagle cousins, penguins in every cove and pardalotes bursting out of roadside burrows. And only in the South Australian ocean, amongst the dolphins and stingrays and shoals of whiting, hiding with the blue-ringed octopus and black-lipped abalone, drifts the exquisite Leafy Sea Dragon – our South Australian Marine Emblem.

Known by visitors for abundant wildlife, unpolluted beaches and coastal scenery, Kangaroo Island is still a bit of a secret to the world at large. A place of contrasts – from silent stillness to a breathtaking blast of southern ocean surf – it  invites you to live life to the full.  Affectionately known by locals as “The Rock”, the island’s industry is focused on tourism and primary production.  With a maritime climate of no extremes, Kangaroo Island is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence in produce including seafood, honey, grain and livestock.  Now, more than 20 years of superior grape production has firmly placed Kangaroo Island as a beacon of individuality and quality on the world map.

Our Rock is a paradoxical blend of solitude and tourism, farming and wildlife.  Learning to bring these things together is a challenge but the rewards are the key to the future; understanding, harmony, balance, restoration, pride, vigour and smiles!

You can taste this goodness in Snow Dragon Wine…..Embrace the Dragon!