The legend of the snow dragon (Draco litoro-montanum)

A myth by Colin Colquhoun 2012

The mighty red dragon AHN DHRU lifts from the snow clad peak. His golden mane flowing in the breeze catches the early morning sun, blinding any chance viewer below to his true nature, for dragons are beings of myth and mystery, not to be known to humankind.

Ahn Dhru’s inner self tells him the time has come to seek his life’s soul-mate – there can be only one – for a dragons pairing is powerful and forever.

He flies over each peak and valley of the high mountains, but she is not there…

He glides down to the plains to seek in the forests and farmsteads, but she is not there…

At last he comes to the coastline where rolling waves pound the rocks to glistening sand. He hunts along the beaches and cliffs, and in all the dark caves, but she is not there…

Finally, disillusioned and exhausted, he plunges insensible into the depths of the sea.  The rolling waves rock his body back and forth, soothing and healing his wounded body and spirit.

Eventually awareness returns to Ahn Dhru. His eyes open to see a field of gently waving kelp and sea-grass. The exquisite form of a tiny Leafy Sea Dragon SZU XI clings to the vegetation as she peers at the strange creature before her.

By some strange, eternal magic both recognise that finally they have found The One.

The delicate sea dragon coils around the powerful neck of her new mate as the courting proceeds. Soon the couple are locked in a love-bond which will never fade.

Owing to their different natures the couple must share their days between their two ancestral habitats. In summer they live by the sea shore, playing in the sea-grass meadows, but when the snow returns to the high peaks, mighty Ahn Dhru takes the tiny Szu Xi on his back and flies to his ancient homeland amid the frozen peaks.

The union proved fruitful and Szu Xi soon presented Ahn Dhru with two eggs, which hatched to produce two beautiful young dragons, Kha Yee and Shae Lin. Fair and delicate like their mother, their flaxen manes flowed in the sun while their body scales glistened like snowflakes. But the potent strength of their sire’s race was evident from the beginning. Creatures of mixed lineage, they embodied the best of both worlds.

And so began the wondrous race of … the SNOW DRAGONS