We’re Andrew and Sue Bigwood, and with our 2 sons, Kai and Shalin, and Wine Dog Mukha, we are Snow Dragon Wines.

Established in 1994 as Cape d’Estaing, our 10-hectare vineyard is nestled amongst 200 hectares of farmland in the Wisanger Hills, overlooking the iconic Emu Bay. Shiraz and Cabernet vines were struck from quality rootstock to produce grapes of distinction. From these grapes, Cape d’Estaing made small quantities of exceptional wines that were sold almost exclusively to boutique markets in the USA and Eurasia.

Sue is the daughter of Wayne and Margaret Conaghty, one of four couples from the original Cape d’Estaing syndicate. The Cape d’Estaing label has since been sold, but the vineyard stayed in the family when we purchased the property in 2009.

We are keen to show that primary production of excellent quality can go hand in hand with land restoration and wildlife. Sheep graze the winter weeds in the vineyard, cattle rotate through the paddocks and existing native scrub and creeks are being protected and revitalised by a revegetation program.  In time wildlife will replace most of the stock.