With this team the fun is definitely in the journey

Sue and Andrew’s dragon dream was illustrated by Tiffany Bell, Chris Bigwood and Sue Bigwood. Tiffany of Duck Duck Goose – Kangaroo Island is the Snow Dragon graphic designer and a fun and vital part of the team. Early on we realised that we wanted to move away from paper labels and print on the bottle with a much lower carbon and chemical footprint. This allowed our imagination to go wild, with David and his team at Glassprint solutions offering the whole bottle as the template.

The birth of the Snow Dragon was an inspiration that could only be captured lyrically by our beloved scribe, writer and editor Noel Probert, the punctuation king.  Snowdragon Sue’s brother, smiley Luke Conaghty, has been enlisted to spruik our label – for no reason other than we love him, but can’t shut him up. The other brother, Gavin, is official computer geek and advisor in all things IT and social media. To complete the world’s best marketing team, cousin Gabrielle from justpurple web design, located in a much sunnier spot than the rest of us, has put us on the cyber map.

And we all love a great red wine!