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Four seasons in one day…

What a weird day on Kangaroo Island.  The view from my window is obscured by wind-driven rain and grey clouds, even though yesterday was all blue skies and core-warming sunshine.  The sad thing is that Channel 9 have chosen today to film, Natalie Gruzlewski’s “When Love Comes To Town”, in little ‘ol Kingscote this morning.  I think half the town has turned out to see who the lucky local boys are and chance their own luck at being an “extra”!

The brilliant thing is we completed yesterday, another perfectly timed spray to ward off any mildews enjoying this weather. Our weeders; my mower, Big-blue (the slasher), my lovely cows and Brian’s sheep cannot compete with the enormous amount of rain we have had this winter.  It is a great start to the growing season. Floraison in the vineyard is a picture with Cabernet in full flower and Shiraz just kicking off.  The air is full of blossom and insects.  The birds and kangaroos are taking full avantage of spring with grebe nests on the dams, turkey chicks in the vineyard, magpie and galah fledglings competing loudly for the microphone………..Well that was yesterday.  Today it is winter again!

Tune in for petiole sampling, SnowDragon style next week.