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Being Brave @WineDayOut


As part of Tasting Australia on 3rd May, I attended the Wine Day Out in Victoria Square, Adelaide. Thanks to the KI Food and Wine Association who kindly sponsored the cost of my ticket.  Wine Day Out is a day of TEDx-style short talks and panel discussions.  The overarching theme for the day was CULTURE (leading to an embarrassing moment where the omission of Acknowledgement of Country in the welcome speech was pointed out to the chair!).  The day was full of controversy and candidness and I thoroughly enjoyed the thought provoking speakers from wine, hospitality and marketing industries

13254189_1050794091643508_669419112751335985_nHere’s some food (wine?) for thought from those minds;

  • Be creative and innovative! Natural wines, living wines.
  • Youth of today are confident, adventurous and experimental – Freedom to the winemaker!
  • Fun first. Facts second.
  • By the glass preference led by trends of food matching and “in the moment, individual choice” rather than peer choice.
  • Is the 750ml bottle the best size?
  • Wine has to be delicious!
  • “Brand is a promise to a customer. Culture is how you deliver on it.” Didier Elzinga
  • People buy WHY not WHAT your selling.
  • Wine is all about the conversation, which now more than ever, is in real time and directly with the customer.
  • The most influential wine reviews at the moment are peer to peer.
  • A “Wineothetical” situation, posed in 2019 where alcohol restrictions are even greater than today, raised the wine industry responsibilities 1) to provide strong evidence for the benefits of wine in our society and 2) to enter and influence the debate and not be silent sitting ducks.
  • Sustainability and social conscience is important.
  • “Ban the dickheads not the wine!”
  • Wine transport temps and times are major concerns.
  • Wine growth depends on food!
  • Sense of Place, regionality
  • Don’t get a qualification, go out and travel!
  • Be Brave
  • “There’s room for all of us” Corrina Wright @OliversTaranga mic drop finale to her talk about #BeingBrave and WHY #womeninwine still need to speak out.
  • “People who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those that are doing it” George Bernard Shaw
  • Paul Henry wrapped the Day with a quote stating courage as the most important of all virtues.

Although Culture was the intended theme, one of “Being Brave” emerged naturally and resounded with so many different current events for me.

So, I’d like to celebrate Being Brave.  For my nephew bravely triumphing over a life-threatening illness, for my favourite girl moving over 2000km from her family home to follow her dream, and for me.  I will proudly take a traditional, ubiquitous product to the contemporary customer searching for something more in a fine red wine. Our wines are made and packaged to reflect our personal flair and life philosophy;

At SnowDragon Wines we signify and support integrity, excellence, respectfulness and fun!

Many of the speakers at the Wine Day Out reinforced doing your passion and sticking to it. As  Steve Jobs said “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. I remember Todd Sampson quoted at the 2013 AWITC (wine tech) conference “the difference between failure and success can be being brave for 5 minutes longer” and Nelson Mandela said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

images-1So remember, Fear is a challenge to be Brave!

(now I need a glass of red)

95 Halliday points YEH!


Well, it is official.  SnowDragon Wines have won themselves silver and gold in the Halliday 2016 Wine tasting companion.  The 2013 Cabernet sauvignon was rated 94 and 2013 Shiraz 95 points securing a place in the most important wine tasting book published annually in Australia.  Whoo hoo!

While we already know our reds are exquisite, it does feel nice to get some amazing feedback from a reputable wine taster.  These wines have just been bottled after 2 and a half years on new oak and won’t be released until May this year.  “Kai’s Cabernet” and “Shalin’s Shiraz” are exhibiting some of my finest bottle art yet.  The Shiraz label was inspired by the amazing array of sea creatures and plants washed up when I was enjoying a special walk on Emu Bay after a big storm last winter. Click here to Become a Dragon member and receive the newsletter, revealing first looks at the new bottles and great deals on this summer’s exciting new release.  Click here to find a great guide for beachcombing on Southern Australian beaches.

Halliday recommends keeping some of this wine u 2033!  As if that’s going to happen………….

A Gorgeous SnowDragon Day

Our family went to the Gorgeous festival on Saturday.  Although going to festivals is one of our priorities in life – this was our first time to Gorgeous. Hosted by Alistair and Sally Cranney at the Serafino Winery in McLaren Vale this gorgeous day couldn’t be more up our alley!

It was HOT… of course, being in the mood to celebrate not only the unleashing of another Dragon, but also my birthday….we headed straight for the champagne bar. Enjoying the cool bubbles with an amazing fish taco we watched the boys ice skate from under the shade of an enormous gum.

Yes, I did say ice skating!

Unfortunately, the ice was not real, but the slipperiness was, and kids and adults alike pirouetted through the vineyard to the sounds of Sasha March, The Timbers and Little May waiting for the day to cool. A definite SnowDragon moment enveloped me as I smiled at the surreal combination of Ice skating, vineyards and a hot summer music festival.

Late afternoon we sucked on the best nectarine ice blocks I have ever tasted before settling into watch the Beautiful Girls and Waifs, sharing a lovely glass of red and some very delicious vegetarian “delectaballs” with beautiful friends.

The highlight for me was sitting in a ferris wheel cage at night, run by the most time generous wheel driver ever, looking over the dimly lit vineyards surrounding our campsite. A cool breeze in my hair and Xavier Rudd in my ears – A Gorgeous Dragon Day.

Perisher 2014 – The powder year

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Wow, what an amazing Australian Snow Season. It is officially the best July snow in New South Wales in 20 years.  No wonder the SnowDragon tweets, posts and blogs have been a bit slow coming!  While Andrew continues his pursuit of the perfect ride on his snowboard (apparently he came close last week!) I have decided to keep up the ski lessons I started in Japan earlier this year.  As I see it – it is an evolution from the snowboard to alpine skiing to back country touring of the stunning Snowy Mountains.

Being a person inextricably linked to nature and a little less tolerant of busy lift lines and icy speed slopes, I am quite excited about this adventure and my skiing is coming on in parallel turns and hockey stops!  While my husband always told me “it doesn’t matter what you do on the board as long as you look cool”, my ski instructor had almost the same advice “as long as you look pretty”.  Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever achieve either but we have some laughs.

Some exercises for the learner skier with an interest in wine;

– imagine you have two grapes tucked in the top front of your ski boots and press on them firmly but gently with your shins to make wine on your way down the piste!

– practise hands forward, palms down with poles balanced on wrists with an imaginary tray on the poles balancing a glass of Sparkling Shiraz and white Castello on water crackers.

– for the beer lovers, set your hands forward and apart – a bit like you are carrying a slab of Coopers Pale Ale, while doing chair pose(Utkatasana).