Is it your turn to live the dream?

Many of you have noticed the SnowDragon vineyard is for sale.  There is some confusion surrounding our plans, as expressed beautifully on Facebook by my Qld cous and web provider “wtf” ? So I’d like to give you the heads up.

The Bigwoods are entering Stage 2 of the SnowDragon journey.

With 5 vintages in the bag and 2 boys heading to high school we are winding back the grape growing and looking forward to a decade of academia, teenage adventures and wine sales (wait until you try the 2013 reds!).  SnowDragon Wines will continue to supply you with the good stuff for years to come yet.

We will miss the walks along Curlew Creek, the mushroom/fig/yabbie expeditions, kayaking on Dead Tree Dam, the swims at Emu Bay and the cup of tea I shared with the birds most mornings.  My hope is that we have instilled a lifelong love of nature and sense of connectedness into our children living this beautiful life.

Although we are not leaving Kangaroo Island for sometime yet, we hope that someone will grab the opportunity to make wines from this amazing little vineyard for another 25 years. Will you be the next young family to enjoy this special place as much as we have?

If you know anybody that might be interested, please tell them to contact SnowDragon Sue.

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